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    Medical Instruments Packaging

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    Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Solution
    无锡航一机械有限公司 WUXI HY MACHINERY CO., LTD We are professional factory and automation Packaging solution & service provider of Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Wrapping integrating R&D, design, processing, production, assembly, sales, debugging & commissioning, training, etc. We design, produce and supply all kinds of Customized Medical Instruments Packaging Wrapping for automatic packing wrapping the products including the following equipment and other special Medical Instruments.
    Flat handle needle related Packaging equipment
    Ring handle needle Packaging equipment
    Surgical blade Packaging equipment
    Kirschner equipment
    Thermometer equipment
    Zeolite hemostatic bag equipment
    Single-handed needle equipment
    Suture equipment
    Small needle knife equipment
    A-type needle-type equipment
    Intradermal needle equipment
    B-type needle punching equipment
    Blood collection needle equipment
    Tattoo needle equipment
    Surgical marker equipment
    Other special Medical Instruments Packaging, customized design and make

    Our service does not end with the delivery of your new packaging plant. We offer a wide range of after-sales services, e.g. commissioning of your machine or later regular maintenance of your packaging plant.
    A team of well-trained service technicians is at your disposal. They all have extensive experience with packaging technologies in combination with different products and bags all over the world.
    Contact us by We 
    Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd. will be pleased to support you at any time.  

    Medical Instruments Packaging(图1)
    Medical Instruments Packaging(图2)
    Medical Instruments Packaging(图3)

    Medical Instruments Packaging(图4)
    Medical Instruments Packaging(图5)
    Medical Instruments Packaging(图6)
    Medical Instruments Packaging(图7)

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